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Silicone Sponge Rubber Sheets & Rolls

Silicone sponge rubber sheet is a closed cell elastomeric material. These sheets are flexible, can handle extreme temperatures, offer excellent compression set resistance and can maintain resiliency under extended compression. Stigall Industrial Products' silicone sponge is closed cell, meaning the sponge has a cellular structure within the material where the cells are completely enclosed and non-interconnecting. The sponge is therefore impervious to the transmission of water or moisture.


Stigall Industrial Products offers silicone sponge rubber sheets and rolls known for reliable sealing, cushioning, vibration control and insulation applications. Request a free quote today.

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Benefits of Silicone Sponge Rubber Sheets & Rolls

  • UL approved silicone sponge materials
  • High compressibility and low compression set: Making it a great choice for sealing applications.
  • UV/Ozone resistant: Allowing for long-term, outside performance.
  • Wide temperature range: Closed cell silicone sponge is flexible from -103° to 401°F (-75 to +205 °C)
  • Flame retardant: Used for fire and smoke-blocking applications
  • Excellent resistance to weathering: Closed cellular structure means this product provides good water sealing.
  • Good thermal insulator
  • Meets requirements: AMS-3195 for medium density, AMS-3196 for firm density, FAR 25.853, CFR 21 177.2600
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Silicone Sponge Rubber Sheet Uses

Silicone sponge rubber sheets and rolls are perfect for applications requiring a soft, compressible material. This product is commonly used in press relief pads and other environmental cushioning and gasketing applications. It’s closed cell structure makes it ideal for gasketing, cushioning, insulating and protective applications.

  • Gaskets
  • Flame retardant cushions
  • Solvent resistant gaskets
  • Weather and water seals
  • Sound and vibration insulation
  • Hot and cold thermal insulation
  • Cushioning
  • Food processing machinery seal
  • Pharmaceutical equipment
  • Oven seals

Silicone Sponge Industries Served

We sell our silicone sponge nationwide, with same-day shipping available on many items. Industries we sell to include:

Silicone Sponge Sheet Manufacturer

At Stigall Industrial Products, we offer silicone sponge products in sheets or continuous rolls which can also be extruded or stripped to size. Closed silicone sponge rubber sheets and rolls are available in soft, medium, firm and extra firm. It can also be supplied with pressure-sensitive adhesive applied to one side and stripped to a customer’s dimensional requirements. Request a free quote today with a Stigall expert!


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