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Custom Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber is manufactured globally and supplied for a vast variety of industries and applications.  

  • ASTM D1418 Designation: MQ, PMQ, VMQ, PVMQ, ASTM D2000/SAE J200 Type.
  • Class: FC, FE, GE.
  • Standard Color: Brick Red, Translucent, White, and can be pigmented to most colors
  • Description: A group of elastomers, made from silicon, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon, Silicones are renowned for their retention of flexibility and low compression set characteristics, within one of the widest working temperature ranges for elastomers.  
  • Key Use(s): Static seals in extreme temperature situations. Seals, O-Rings,  Gaskets, and can be compatible with FDA regulations. Temperature Range: Standard Compound: -65⁰ to +450⁰F. (Dry Heat Only). Hardness (Shore A): 25 to 80.
  • Features: Especially resistant to high, dry heat, in primarily static applications, special Silicone compounds have been manufactured to resist up to 600⁰F heat for short time durations. The maximum elevated temperature for continuous service, however, remains at 450⁰F. At the opposite end of the temperature scale, the low limit for Silicone flexibility is -65⁰F.
  • Limitations: Poor tensile and tear strength, low abrasion resistance, and high friction characteristics preclude Silicones from effective sealing use in most dynamic situations. Unless specially compounded, Silicones swell considerably in aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon fuels. They should also be considered NON-resistant to petroleum oils, although they can be used in high aniline point oils. Silicones are highly permeable to gases and are generally not recommended for exposure to ketones (MEK; acetone), concentrated acids, or stream.

In addition to their resistance to degradation at temperature extremes, silicone rubber extrusions are noted for their high resistance to the aging effects of both sunlight and ozone attack. Our custom silicone rubber is also fungus resistant, odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic.

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