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Silicone Rubber Hose Protection

Silicone Rubber Hose Protection in the Fluid Sealing Industry is a large part of our business and product line.

From the first days of Stigall back in the early 1980's Stigall represented a complete line of hose and cuplings. As competition got more intense in the Gulf Coast. Stigall narrowed the product line to offer preformance hose protection.  

During the Gulf War Stigall was contacted by incountry officers, to develop and supply an abrasion resistant replacable hose protection. Thus Easysleeve was born. Once the oil field service companies found about this abrasian resistant hose protection. The Easysleeve was and is today the abrasion resistant hose protection of choice. 

We offer three preformance hose protections:




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Product NameskuDetails
1" Easy CinchEC-404View Product
2" Easy CinchEC-408View Product
3" Easy CinchEC-410View Product
3.5" Easy CinchEC-412View Product
4" Easy CinchEC-414View Product
5" Easy CinchEC-416View Product
6" Easy CinchEC-420View Product
7" Easy CinchEC-422View Product
8" Easy CinchEC-426View Product
1" Easy SleeveES-1View Product
1.5" Easy SleeveES-1.5View Product
1.75" Easy SleeveES-1.75View Product
11" Easy SleeveES-11View Product
2" Easy SleeveES-2View Product
2.5" Easy SleeveES-2.5View Product
3" Easy SleeveES-3View Product
3" x 100 LF Easy SleeveES-3-100-SSView Product
3" x 50' LF Easy SleeveES-3-50-SSView Product
3.5" Easy SleeveES-3.5View Product
4" Easy SleeveES-4View Product
4.5" Easy SleeveES-4.5View Product
5" Easy SleeveES-5View Product
6" Easy SleeveES-6View Product
7" Easy SleeveES-7View Product
8" Easy SleeveES-8View Product
9.5" Easy SleeveES-9.5View Product
5" Fire SleeveFS-80View Product
1.75" Super SleeveSS-1.75View Product
10" Super SleeveSS-10View Product
2" Super SleeveSS-2View Product
2.5" Super SleeveSS-2.5View Product
3" Super SleeveSS-3View Product
3.5" Super SleeveSS-3.5View Product
4" Super SleeveSS-4View Product
5" Super SleeveSS-5View Product
6" Super SleeveSS-6View Product
7" Super SleeveSS-7View Product
8" Super SleeveSS-8View Product
9" SupersleeveSS-9View Product
1/4" Fire SleeveFS-04View Product
3/8" Fire SleeveFS-06View Product
1/2" Fire SleeveFS-08View Product
5/8" Fire SleeveFS-10View Product
3/4" Fire SleeveFS-12View Product
13/16" Fire SleeveFS-13View Product
7/8" Fire SleeveFS-14View Product
1" Fire SleeveFS-16View Product
1-1/8" Fire SleeveFS-18View Product
1-1/4" Fire SleeveFS-20View Product
1-3/8" Fire SleeveFS-22View Product
1-1/2" Fire SleeveFS-24View Product
1-5/8" Fire SleeveFS-26View Product
1-3/4" Fire SleeveFS-28View Product
1-7/8" Fire SleeveFS-30View Product
2" Fire SleeveFS-32View Product
2-1/4" Fire SleeveFS-36View Product
2-1/2" Fire SleeveFS-40View Product
2-5/8" Fire SleeveFS-42View Product
2-3/4" Fire SleeveFS-44View Product
3" Fire SleeveFS-48View Product
3-1/4" Fire SleeveFS-52View Product
3-1/2" Fire SleeveFS-56View Product
4" Fire SleeveFS-64View Product
4-1/2" Fire SleeveFS-72View Product

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